Lab & Robots (photos)

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The lab @ Inria Nancy

room C104 (experimental room) optitrack system

Our main experimental room contains a 5.5 x 6 m experimental ‘arena’ made with aluminium trusses. It is equipped with:

  • a 6D motion capture system (Optitrack), with 8 gibagit cameras (Prime 13);
  • 4 high-power, studio lights;
  • 3 mobile 19” racks (on wheels), which host the power supplies and the computers to control the robots;

The trusses support the motion capture system and the lights, and hold all the cables (network, 220V, etc.).


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6-legged robot

6-legged robot

The last version of our 6-legged robot, which was featured on the cover of Nature (see Publications). Videos are available on the Videos page. This 6-legged robot is made with 18 MX-28 dynamixel actuators, a Xsens Mti-30 IMU, and a Asus x-tion (RGB-D sensor / Kinect). The silver spheres on top of the x-tion are for the motion tracking.

This robot is a demonstrator and a testbed for our adaptation algorithms. It has no direct intended application, but the algorithms that we test with it have appplications.

Hexaforce robot

6-legged robot

Creadapt robot (wheel-leg hybrid)

6-legged robot 6-legged robot 6-legged robot

The Creadapt robot is wheel-leg hybrid robot that was developped in a previous project (ANR Creadapt). It is bigger than our 6-legged robot, and it has many more ways to move (drive, walk, …).

Kuka YouBot + Versaball


The YouBot is an omnidirectionnal robot manufactured by Kuka. We are modifying it to use the Versaball gripper (Empire Robotics).


simple 4-dof robotic arm

Omnipointer is a simple, low-cost robotic arm with four degrees-of-freedom. It is used for experiments that do not require the higher accuracy of the arm mounted on the YouBot.



iCub is a child-like humanoid robot with 54 actuated degrees of freedom, force torque sensors, and a sensitive skin. We use it to test our algorithms for 4-legged crawling and 2-legged walking.