Robots that can adapt like animals (Nature, 2015)

The Intelligent Trial and Error Algorithm introduced in the paper ‘Robots that can adapt like animals’ (Nature, 2015): the video shows two different robots that can adapt to a wide variety of injuries in under two minutes.

A six-legged robot adapts to keep walking even if two of its legs are broken, and a robotic arm learns how to correctly place an object even with several broken motors.

Full citation: Cully A, Clune J, Tarapore DT, Mouret J-B. Robots that can adapt like animals. Nature, 2015. 521.7553, (cover article). [pdf]

Supplementary Video S2 for “Robots that can adapt like animals” (Cully, Clune, Tarapore and Mouret, Nature, 2015).

In the behavior-performance map creation step, the MAP-Elites algorithm produces a collection of different types of walking gaits. The video shows several examples of the different types of behaviors that are produced, from classic hexapod gaits to more unexpected forms of locomotion.

Semi-episodic learning

Preliminary results.

The Creadapt Robot (6-legged hybrid)

Reference: J.-M Jehanno, A. Cully, C. Grand, J.-B Mouret (2014). Design of a Wheel-Legged Hexapod Robot for Creative Adaptation. CLAWAR 17th International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots. 267-276. [pdf]

Hexapod robot